About Me


profile image2 compressedThanks for taking the time to visit my website and perhaps you are wondering what it is all about? This is a website which I have dedicated to sharing woodworking and woodturning information to others woodworkers out there. Old and young alike, everyone can become involved in woodwork and although some of the tools I use are a little out of some people price range, with enough imagination you can make do with what you have. My name is Alex Harris and have been woodworking for around 10 years, not long in the woodworking world, but I believe that that is when you learn the most as a woodworker. For woodworkers the first year or so are where you learn the absolute basics, anything after that just increases your capabilities and creativity.

The TeenWoodworker

The TeenWoodworker is a YouTube channel which I created to share woodworking and woodturning information which I had gathered during the short time that I had been involved in the hobby. At the time it was nothing more than sharing a hobby and proving that you did not have to be “older” to get involved. Now nearly five years later I believe that a number of viewers  (particularly those younger) have decided to get involved, as a result of the videos which I posted. It all started from an interest I had in posting YouTube videos. Woodworking had been a hobby of mine for a few years then. I never claimed to have any extensive knowledge and was making do with the skills and tools which I had at the time. Before long, perhaps due to the encouragement and advice from the few followers, I was able to gather a lot more knowledge. I now have a more than adequate set of tools, which I consider myself extremely grateful to have! I still post YouTube videos on the same channel and embed the videos on this website as well. In addition, any information which I feel might be useful to you, but is not covered in the videos, will be included in the associated article.

Why ThisWoodwork?

The name of the website was always going to be a challenge. If you have read this far you will know that I was posting videos on YouTube under a different name, a long time before this. After the small success of that channel, I wanted to create a webpage to go with it. The TeenWoodworker as you may have already guessed, has a flaw, being that it is specific to only 7 short years. I hope to continue woodwork throughout my life so if this website did ever become a success that name would make no sense 10 years down the road when I am 31. So I was wondering what name could work, and then it occurred to me and to the others involved in coming up with a name, that ThisWoodwork. This name would work. It’s a failed attempt at a joke, but when ever you are having a problem in the workshop and you can’t possibly work out what would work, visit ThisWoodwork!