Building the Homemade Bandsaw


This bandsaw was designed by Matthias Wandel plans for which can be found at Woodgears. I don’t usually like to follow plans; they can often be restricting, and often require you to follow them very closely. However in this case the designed offered me everything I was looking for in a bandsaw and for a fraction of the cost.



I started the band saw over sixth months ago and had been working on it off and on. It was only recently I got going on it again and pushed to get it finished, overall I think it must have taken a good months work to complete.

The frame is laminated together from pine, it is surprisingly strong, so strong in fact I felt comfortable standing on it for this image. When I built the frame, I was eager to start and as a result some of the boards where not perfectly square which meant I ended up with less than perfect joints, luckily after a great deal of sanding it looks a lot better and luckily the alignment is not too bad.


Building the wheels did take some time, the idea Matthias had of turning the wheels true after they were glued together was very clever and made for really true wheels. The wheels do have a little wobble as a result of imperfections in the plywood but this has little effect on how the bandsaw operates.



Here is a look at the sub-table. The trunions run smoothly and lock better than I expected. It was made much quicker due to the templates which I could print from the plans. Sadly I had to use my old Titan bandsaw which is very poor, but it did make the process quicker than if using a coping saw. The blade guides were a little bodged at this point and I did eventually replace them with hardwood. I thought about using bearings but I heard that this is much noisier so hardwood ones will do for not.

Matthias made a mention of the skateboard which I used as a temporary mobile base. It wasn’t the most stable thing in the world but it made moving it in and out of the workshop a lot easier.




It still looked a little rough and ready at this point and required a lot of cosmetic work before it was finished.





Bellow is a quick slideshow which documented most of the build: