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Can You Make a Frisbee Out Of Wood?

Sorry about this one guys and gals…Yes, I’m answering a question that nobody is asking. Just another step towards having everything in …


Pushing a Mini Lathe To the Max

Back before I acquired my “big lathe” I  was given a large piece of what I assume is sapele by my Physics tutor which she was able …


Turning a Bowl from a Log

Heres another bowl turning, this time I turned a “Natural Edge” bowl, I use quotation marks as although that was the original …

Making a Carving Style Mallet

Making your own tools can be very valuable and nothing could be simpler than a carving mallet, you don’t have to be …


Spalted Maple Box

So a while back I received a box of wood from you U.S sent to me by a guy called Drew, it …

How the Router Lathe Works

So following the video of my router lathe attachment a lot of you had questions about how it works. The truth is it …