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About my workshop/ woodshop


Build a Drill Press Table

A table is a really great addition to any drill press, it provides extra support for your work and allows the use …


Old/New Drill Press

As I mentioned in my workshop update video this drill press (or pillar drill here in England) was donated to me by …


Workshop Move

The workshop move was a great step forward for me. I have always managed in the shed which I am sure you …

Making a Carving Style Mallet

Making your own tools can be very valuable and nothing could be simpler than a carving mallet, you don’t have to be …

How the Router Lathe Works

So following the video of my router lathe attachment a lot of you had questions about how it works. The truth is it …


Building the Homemade Bandsaw

This bandsaw was designed by Matthias Wandel plans for which can be found at Woodgears. I don’t usually like to follow plans; …