If you are a fan of the show, firstly thank-you, the support of everyone who watches is why ThisWoodwork continues. I would however ask if you could consider donating to help support my work. I really hope that you have found at least one of two of my videos helpful, although my aim has never really been to teach woodwork (how can I when I still have a lot to learn myself) I have always striven to produce interesting and informative material about both woodwork and turning.

All of my material is free, but as I am sure you can appreciate woodwork is an expensive hobby and being a college student means that money is very tight. A lot of my own funds and free time is spent working on videos and updating the website, which leaves little time for a part time job! For this reason it would be greatly appreciated if you would consider donating to the show.

If you are in a situation where simply can’t afford to donate, or you just don’t want to, I completely understand, the videos will continue regardless and your viewership will always be valued.

Thank-you very much for your taking the time to read this.


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