Homebuilt Router Duplicator Attachment


In industry CNC routers are combined with lathes for repeat production of turnings. Similar products are available, like very expensive copy lathes. The idea of the router lathe combines some of the ideas of the two, making what is essentially a duplicator. The machine I designed, works by following a template of what I want to produce with a guide pin, which in turn directs the router to cut the wood.

I have been meaning to build this router lathe for some time and it was only due the spare time I had during my half term which finally meant I could begin its constructions.

The primary reason for me building the router lathe was to produce items like table legs and chess pieces. These are cases where all of the duplicates need to be very similar which I am not that good at, as well as it being very tedious. Including table legs and the like, I have found that the router lathe is ideally suited to any ‘”between centre” turnings, even bud vases.

The following video demonstrates the router lathe in action, used to create the a small bud vase. Just watching the turning may have been a little boring so I included a great method for achieving a really interesting dyed wood finish.