How To Make A Bandsaw Box


Making a bandsaw box is a must for anyone who owns a bandsaw, this technique offers the opportunity to make some very interesting boxes. PDF’s for the bandsaw box made in the video can be found at the bottom of the page.


The video bellow demonstrates the processes involved in making a bandsaw box, it’s really very simple- some cutting and a whole load of sanding!


A Tip For When Cutting off the back of a Bandsaw Box:

Often when putting together a video to avoid it becoming too long, therefore tedious I miss small steps out. Here is a tip which I missed out of this video but you may still find useful.

planer mdf When the box came off the bandsaw having just cut off the back, the resulting cut was not all that clean and would have been an eye-saw had it not been cleaned up before glueing it back together. To clean up the cut I attached the slice to a board of MDF using double-sided tape. I could then pass this though the thickness planer to remove just enough the remove the saw marks.

jointerFollowing that, to clean up the other side of the cut I simply pass the box over the jointer once or twice.



box imageWith that done the seam between the box and the back is not all that visible and once glued back together should barely be noticeable.



Bandsaw Box Template PDF Download

Here are two templates available as PDF files which you can download for free to make your own bandsaw box. Feel free to share these with everyone you know! The two boxes are very similar in shape and size, the second PDF is the box which I made in the video above- Both boxes could be scaled up in order to build a larger box.

Suggestion: It may be beneficial to cut the corners of the bandsaw boxes draws wider than that on the templates as the tight corners are difficult for a bandsaw blade to cut.


Bandsaw Box 1:






Bandsaw Box 2:

bandsaw box2


Here is a closer look at the finished bandsaw box!