Inside Out Woodturning – Christmas Tree Ornament


Although this video has come very late, I thought I should still post some kind of Christmas project! In the following video I make a Black Walnut and Birch Christmas tree ornament.

IMG_3233 IMG_3220





To make this Christmas tree decoration I return to the technique of inside out woodturning, which I first touched on when I made a heart shaped pendant. In my own opinion, this project is far nicer than the heart pendant, and really very quick and easy to do, making it a great last minute project!

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One thing I thought I would mention, which I omitted from the video is how deep the first turning is made. The image bellow is of another decoration which I made, where I cut significantly deeper.

IMG_3216 I find Cutting the windows deeper to be nicer, as more light is let through and the finished ornament appears more delicate, as well as being lighter. (Can be seen in the images below)

The reason I did not finish this particular ornament is due to the shape of the window, which I did not think was quite right. It probably would have worked out okay, but I think this may have been more suited to a spherical turning, which is another design which you may want to think about.


Here are a few images of the finished turning for you to take a look at. The second ornament which can be seen, is made of a Purpleheart and Birch, which I made before the walnut one. You may also notice the wooden snowflakes on the Christmas tree, which were a project from several years ago.