Purpleheart and Ash Jewellery Box


With Christmas just around the corner this jewellery box would make a great gift, this box took me longer than I expected, but I imagine three or four could be batched out in almost the same time as just one so if you did consider making this project that may be a good idea.

For this Project I used Purpleheart and Ash but it would look good in a number of combinations, perhaps Walnut and Maple?


Here are some images of the box, the first is the initial model which I worked from:


Check out the video bellow to see how this box was made:



 Google Sketchup Model

As I mentioned in the video above I modeled this box in Google Sketchup, you can download this model for free, to see the project in more detail and perhaps build one of your own. If you do be sure to send me some pictures is will be great to see your results!

Note* The file is compressed and will need to be UnZipped before viewing:

Jewellery Box Model Download





(If you do not have already have it installed you will need to Download Google Sketchup to view this model.)


PDF Template

You can also download the PDF file to printout the template which I used to cut out the legs.

Note: You should measure the leg template once printed to ensure it is 100mm in height.