Clamp Storage: Simple Wall Hanging Clamp Racks



There can be no doubt that most woodworkers find themselves quickly accumulating a shocking number of clamps. This poses the question of where to store all of those clamps? Hanging ones clamps up on the wall is the most common solution to this question, therefore in this article I will cover how to make a couple of very simple clamp racks to aid wall storage of all of those clamps!








For the clamp racks I used some cheap 18mm plywood, due to the grain structure of plywood it will remain much stronger than solid wood or other man made boards. Once ripped to width holes are drilled in the plywood every 40-50mm in the location of each clamp. For my own clamp racks I drilled an 8mm hole of my F-clamps and a 25mm hole of my sash clamps (just over the width of the bar).


Next using a mitre fence at the tablesaw, each hole is cut open to provide a slot of each clamp.





To help direct the clamps into the slots, a small chamfer is cut at each of the openings.











Next the clamp racks are glued and screwed together to form an “L” shape, this will provide a means of fixing the racks to the wall as well as reinforcing the structure.


To further help the racks support the considerable combined weight of all of the clamps, some small blocks are glued into the corners to brace the racks.




yoyo image1WSyoyo imageWS




Finally the clamp racks need to be securely attached to the wall. At least 3-5 screws through the clamp racks and into the wall is suggested, ideally directly into the studs of the wall. Fixing into plasterboard/ drywall should be avoided where possible.


Here is another clamp rack which I made before hand to store my smaller F and G-clamps. A length of softwood is spaced out from the wall with a small block at each end, the clamps can then be hooked onto that bar. The clamps are not held all that securely, making this design more suitable for smaller clamps.



Check out the following video to see how these clamp racks were made: