Spalted Maple Box


So a while back I received a box of wood from you U.S sent to me by a guy called Drew, it was a pretty big box of wood considering the postal cost. Now you may remember I made something else from one of the bits of wood which I was sent, a small bud vase, there is a link to that video at the bottom of the page if you are interested.

This project has been something I have been thinking about turning for a while, loosely based on a turning I once saw by David Marks. Being somewhat egg shaped means this box required a stand, I chose purpleheart although ebony (or ebonised wood) would have looked great as well.

Due to the number of stages which went into making this box the video has been split into two parts. The first video shows how I turned the box and the second video shows the turning of the little handle on the lid and how I made the stand, enjoy!