Turning a Log into a Vase on the Wood Lathe



In the following video I demonstrate how to turn a small wooden vase on the lathe, out of a log which has some very beautiful spalting. As a small design feature I slanted the top of the vase, this was easily achieved at the tablesaw, although a handsaw could have been used.








I have been asked numerous times what species of timber I used for this vase. However, as I used salvaged firewood I cannot be sure what it actually is.


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vase-ts2One part of the video which may not have been as clear, was how I made the cut made at the tablesaw. To help make the cut safely, I temporarily attached the vase to a scrap block with hot-melt glue. I find that if joined when slightly set, the glue adheres well enough to make the cut, but will easily peel off the wood, once the cut has been made.


Below I have provided a few images of the finished vase, so that you can take a closer look!