Video Blog | The New Tablesaw and Cheap Woodturning Tools!


In this video blog I show you briefly around my new tablesaw, the Axminster AW10BSB2 Saw Bench, as well as taking a look at some cheaper woodturning chisels which I bought online.

I am not going to write a review for this saw. I’m not really in a position to give a real recommendation as I haven’t had the pleasure of working on many different table saws.      Here however is a list of what I like about the saw and where I think it could be better, hopefully this will help you to make an informed decision if you are looking to buy a new saw.


  • The fence is solid, locks tightly and came almost perfectly parallel to the blade.
  • The cuts made by the saw are acceptably clean depending upon the blade used.
  • A dust chute beneath the blade provides good dust extraction.
  •  The price is very reasonable compared to other saws on the market.
  • A sliding table kit is also available for this saw.

Improvements which could be made:

  • Although solidly built the height and tilt handles are built of plastic. (nassssty)
  • The arbor of the saw does not facilitate the use of stacked dado blades.

Other considerations:

  • The riving knife supplied did not allow for through cuts although by extending groove in the knife can be lowered. Alternatively one could be made from sheet metal.
  • The thin throat plate supplied means conventional zero clearance inserts cannot be made although here I demonstrate how to make inserts for saws like this.
  • The saw is supplied with a 16 amp plug although it is only the 12″ model “AW12BSB2″ which requires a 16amp power supply. The 10″ models plug will either need to be replaced or an adapter used to connect it to a 13amp supply.

Watch the video to get a look at the saw and hear about the turning tools.