Viewer Project | Roy Smith’s Bandsaw Boxes

I received the following message from Roy Smith who had made both the bandsaw boxes which I designed, you can see how to make these boxes and download the PDF templates free here.

Thanks to Roy for sending his images in, both the boxes look great!


Hi Alex,

I thought you may like to see a photo of the two Bandsaw boxes I made from your You Tube Video?

Both boxes were made out of New Guinea Rosewood , I coated both boxes with Danish Oil and then finished off with varnish. I cut them out on my 10 inch Bandsaw using a 1/8″ blade. Because I used the smaller blade the saw marks from the blade didn’t need much Sanding.

I lightly sanded the inside of the box & then applied a coat of Danish Oil , as you can see, I added a base , which I cut from the leftover pieces from the sides of the main box. I also flocked the inside of the boxes.

How you cut them out with the larger blade is beyond me, I had enough trouble with the 1/8 ” blade. I had made a few bandsaw boxes before from a Video on Steve Ramsey’s site.

I had some scraps of NSW Rosewood so I made this small clock for my Wife’s Birthday.


Roy Smith  Sydney Australia