Wooden Travel Mug / Coffee Cup



With the cold weather beginning to set in for many of us, I thought now would be the perfect opportunity to make a project just like this. A wood covered travel mug is a perfect way to add our own unique style, to an object we might find ourselves using every day.








As wood turning kits for travel mugs/ coffee mugs are just about impossible to source here in England I decided to improvise and purchase one of the cheap off-the-shelf ones found in almost any shop for the metal insert, saving myself a few quid in the process!


In the following video I demonstrate how I was able to take one of the tacky store-bought travel mugs and using the steel insert, make my own wooden travel mug for only a few pounds. Like it, share it and Subscribe! The process itself is quite simple, but will take quite a bit of patience to get right!

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Here are a few extra images of the finished project for you to take a look at. Unfortunately this travel mug will not keep a hot beverage, hot for nearly as long as some of the expensive commercial travel mugs, which this initially wasn’t anyway. For the best results I would suggest leaving the wood to fully dry out before applying a finish, ideally using the most hard-wearing finish available to you.