Woodworking Project- Puzzle Cube


This time I used the scroll saw to make a little puzzle cube from a piece of oak. This deceptively simple puzzle was surprisingly difficult to put back together! Okay not that difficult. Making it was very simple and all the stages are gone through in the short video bellow. (This would be a great children’s  woodworking project due to its simplicity.)






I actually found the template from an old woodworking book which I had sitting on the bookshelf- “The Art of Woodworking”. The intention in the book was that people would photocopy the page in order to make a template. I have produced a PDF of the templates for this puzzle cube which you can download at the bottom of the page. There is a version scaled close to the original for work at the bandsaw and the other which I used, half the size, for use as a scrollsaw project.


PDF Downloads- Puzzle Cube Templates

Large PDF- A 10cm cube template suitable for work at the bandsaw (will require a very narrow blade).
Small PDF- A 5cm cube template suitable for work at the scrollsaw.


*Note*: These templates were not created by myself, all rights are reserved by the creator. I am not selling these templates and it is my belief that these templates, which were taken from what is now an out of production book, should not go unused as a result. However, these templates will be removed from this site, should the creator request so.